Photography Which Causes You to Remind Your Astonishing Days

Amit mahendru was totally exceptional on our big day, we couldn’t have longed for additional from a photographer. He was exceptionally charming, mindful and eager and worked so difficult to catch every one of the components of our day. Photographer in Lucknow thought about our day and needed to do his best for us, it was as essential to him, that we had the photographs we needed to recollect our big day by, as it was to us.

wedding photographyA considerable measure of our visitors asked how we knew him and were extremely shocked that we had quite recently discovered him through a web look and that we didn’t have any acquaintance with him socially. Every one of our visitors remarked on how proficient, well disposed, congenial and subtle the wedding photographer in Lucknow was. He was by all accounts wherever all the time without acting as a burden; he would likewise energize our loved ones to take pictures also.

candid photography

We were solicited to do a rundown from names of the key individuals required in the wedding so he could learn them before the wedding, which made the photographs a considerably more casual, agreeable and unimposing background. We were solicited to give a rundown from the photographs we needed, e.g. groupings and so on, to guarantee that we would not be disillusioned with missing individuals out.

Photographer in Kanpur

We were recommended Amit Mahendru photography by a mutual friend and instantly fell in love with his photography. Having not met a photographer in Kanpur before the day, he put us at ease through his correspondence, and we hired him on the strength of his photographs and the passion and knowledge he seemed to display for photography itself.

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Photographer in Kanpur

On the day Amit was relaxed, friendly and professional, he integrated so well with the wedding, a candid photographer in Kanpur felt like one of the guests and we didn’t feel pressured for attention. During group shots, he was on the ball enough to organize our family, and he was efficient and easy going so it didn’t feel like a chore. The couple shots were a really lovely time away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding and gave us time to be ourselves.

The shots were absolutely beautiful and so well managed. Amit had specific ideas that were wonderful and also allowed us to just be ourselves and capture some lovely moments. After the wedding, the photos were with us on our honeymoon and we were over the moon. They really told the story of our wedding day and captured some unbelievably special moments, some of which we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

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Capture Thousands of Words in the Blink of a Moment by Candid Photographer in Lucknow

Capturing the instant moment without having any pose is known as candid photography, this was one of the definitions made by me. Actually what I think about the photography is just to click the moments in your lens but my whole concept of photography changed after I saw the Amit Mahendru photography.

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candid photographer in Lucknow

When we hire the photographer in Lucknow for our wedding Amit Mahendru really went above and beyond what was required as we have photos spanning the majority of the day and evening and they are all beautiful. We appreciate candid photographer in Lucknow flexibility in working with us on the photo locations and especially love the ones on the outdoor shoot.

It was also fantastic being able to have a sneak peak at the photos while we were on our honeymoon, they were available so quickly and it was very handy having them on social media sites. I must say Amit Mahendru is one of the best wedding photographers in Lucknow who just works for his passion and gives the amazing result of his photography.

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Capture Your Wedding with Most Enthusiastic Candid Photographer in Kanpur

The great thing about Amit Mahendru as a wedding photographer is that you can feel how much he loves his work. It is not just a job he is doing and it definitively is not just one of many weddings; like we got the impression of many other photographers where it seems like just another production. Photographer in Kanpur turns your day into not only your special day but also is able to bring out the uniqueness of yours.

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Capture Your Wedding with Most Enthusiastic Candid Photographer in Kanpur

We had our ceremony on a beautiful garden and we hardly remember him being there like he was invisible. For our more posed shots it was amazing what an eye he had for detail and how many weddings photographer in Kanpur was able to make use of our surroundings. It almost seemed like he managed to direct some doves flying at the right moment as we were kissing. We had a blast posing and the way photographer in Kanpur captured the sunset and the rising moon of our special day was just amazing.

Candid photographer in Kanpur didn’t miss a thing, in fact, there were many moments that seemed to have gone by unnoticed that Amit Mahendru photography was able to capture for us. Looking at those pictures now brings back so many vivid memories. His shots are more than just a picture; they tell so much about what he was able to capture no video could bring it back with that much expression.
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Photographer in Kanpur

Amit Mahendru did an absolutely amazing job as our wedding photographer. He shot my sister’s wedding before ours and after seeing the quality of his work and how he handled himself on the big day, we booked with a photographer in Kanpur wealth knowledge  immediately. He was very responsive to telephone calls and emails and shared his about of weddings with us willingly.

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some natural clicks for candid photography

Candid photographer in Kanpur was extremely organized and professional and made sure to capture all of the moments we wanted. The day of the wedding was, as you can imagine, very hectic but I can honestly say that candid photographer in Kanpur, more than anybody else, helped us get through it. Photographer in Kanpur was with us from the beginning and made sure things went as smoothly as possible.

In addition to setting up a website with our photos on them for all of our friends and family to view, he sent us a custom USB drive with all of our photos included all of the re-touched images we had chosen. He even sent us a canvas and mounted print. Photographer in Kanpur is very reasonably priced, talented, professional, and just a great/fun guy to have by your side on your big day.

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Candid Photographer in Kanpur

Candid photography is being known one of the best photography nowadays. The name candid itself describe the natural photography. Now day’s candid photographer are more in demands and we were also searching for the candid photographer in Kanpur to cover our parents wedding anniversary. I was just looking over the internet for the candid photographer in Kanpur suddenly seen the Amit Mahendru photography website.


We were really amazed while seeing a photographer in Kanpur work, after seeing the photographs we instantly booked the candid photographer in Kanpur in some clicks and got the confirmation in some minutes.  The day of the anniversary Amit Mahendru was on time and took the snaps in a wonderful way, we all really like the work of the photographer in Kanpur.

He put everyone at ease and made everyone comfortable in front of the camera.  We really like the work of the candid photographer in Kanpur as he took many of the pictures so natural that anyone can easy understand the situation, so you don’t have to explain any of the snap to your guest or viewer.

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Photographer in Lucknow

I want Amit Mahendru to know that my passionate love affair with his photos continues. There is not a day that has gone by since photographer in Lucknow sent them nearly 2 weeks ago that I don’t either look at them or forward the link on to someone.

Amit mahendru photography

Seriously they are quite beautiful and I still cannot quite get over the way in which wedding photographer in Lucknow captured all the joy of the day. I loved every second of all of it (well, OK, let me be honest, by about 10.30pm I admit I wished the bus was going to take us/our remaining guests home before midnight, but candid photographer in Lucknow you had gone by then and fortunately missed immortalizing that fatigue.

I don’t know how many times I am going to write about Amit Mahendru photography with gratitude and sincere appreciation of his talent. Amit Mahendru photography is one of the best photography where the photographer in Lucknow worked for his passion and grace.

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Candid Photographer in Kanpur

It is quite clear to see from the ridiculously goofy smile I had plastered all day on my face, what an amazing wedding we had. We smiled and laughed more than we ever have! When asked what the best bit was, it is extremely hard to answer, the location was tearful, the Venue was unbeatable, and the decoration was fantastic. The food from ‘Guess Who’s coming to Dinner’ was immense, my dress was a dream, my bridesmaids were the best, and our guests were our family and intimate friends the list goes on.


But thanks to 1 guy the photographer in Kanpur (and he did it all alone) we relive and feel every emotion from that day when we look at our photo’s (they even bring a tear to my eye, and for those that know me well, know this is hard)! We decided not to have a videographer, and felt regret leading up to the day, but we are so happy we didn’t.

Our photos more than say it all; wedding photographer in Kanpur has captured the intimacy and fun of our day in the most amazing photos. So, please check out his website, and take a look at some of his amazing work. Some of our photos have even won awards for the candid photographer in Kanpur talent.

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Photographer in Lucknow

We hired a photographer in Lucknow for the photography of our wedding because of the natural look of Amit Mahendru photos on his website and because of his wonderful reviews and stunning photographs. We absolutely made the right decision because wedding photographer in Lucknow was fabulous.

Pre-Wedding (4)

Our winter wedding turned out to be truly wintery with thick snow and pretty treacherous conditions, but instead of this being a problem, candid photographer in Lucknow hired a 4×4 and made sure that everything ran really smoothly despite the adverse weather. He was utterly unobtrusive but very professional and the photos look wonderful.

Despite not being booked to photograph the reception, he asked if he could come anyway at no extra cost and took some beautiful group photos and some more candid shots. We just loved the work of the Amit Mahendru photography. Phenomenal wedding photographer in Lucknow with the creative mind and see the world with a different way.

Photographer in Kanpur

Kanpur city is famous for many of the things for historical, spiritual importance for its educational hub. The city is having lots of talent but here is something different, I am talking about the photographer in Kanpur who always shows their talent to the world. When we were searching for the wedding photographer in Kanpur to cover our wedding ceremony. Amit Mahendru photography is one of our choices, after seeing his website.


It was quite impressive and we instantly booked a photographer in Kanpur for our wedding ceremony. When Amit Mahendru came on the wedding he was full of enthusiasm and somehow while seeing his positivity towards his work, we were really relaxed and happy while seeing the how wedding photographer in Kanpur put everyone at ease. Amit started covering from small-small things like decoration, Shehnai, stage and much more.

He took lots of candid shots of our guest and especially I and my husband is somehow feeling too shy. He just made both of us comfortable in front of the camera and we both posed in a nice way without feeling uncomfortable. Photographer in Kanpur just rocked the ceremony with his glance and professionalism. I just loved the Amit Mahendru Photography it was awesome.

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